Robots Show Amsterdam

Producing: Idea, script, visual content, robots software

Virtual Mosque

VR project for people who are unable to attend the collective prayer

Awarding ceremony

Video projection idea&production

Holography presentation

Idea, installation, production


Moscow Fashion Week show. Не write performance concept.

Dakar rally VEB racing


Madmen, confident that they
can change the world,
actually do it.

Holographic video presentation at the new Moscow Metro station

Incredible holographic technology allows you to create a real sense of interaction with holographic objects presenter. This presentation will amaze the most sophisticated audience. Welcome to the crazy world of new visual technologies.


Amsterdam Robots show. Integrated technologies.

Acting as a system integrator, we have combined several different technologies into an perfect art show. Video content, robots software and real artist are ingredients oа success.


Creative concept for Moscow Urban Forum

Moscow urban Forum gathers for a few days in Moscow recognized international experts in the field of urbanism and urban planning. Our Studio has created a full content installation package materials for this event.