Something or other happens in Mad Kitchen’s creative team all the time: ladies have babies; gentlemen go on a creative bender. This is how it goes.

Therefore, we are always happy to see young lions, who have already passed through the grinding machine of big agencies or want to flex their muscles in some homey, interesting place, where they do not bleed interns white making them run marathons for nothing but ‘thank you.

We do not expand, on the contrary, we exercise every effort to retain all the benefits of a small studio and have no drawbacks of network agencies, where intricate structure, troubled relationships between divisions, high personnel turnover and a huge pile of projects executed simultaneously turn them into unwieldy machines, thus their people care more about not taking the punishment than about the result.


Tell us a little about yourself, and attach your works and achievements (or anti-achievements, sometimes it is even better). What if you are the one we have been missing so much.