Мы делаем штучные вещи.


Mad Kitchen has a small yet crazy creative team fond of unorthodox solutions.

By definition, crazy team is not supposed to produce average ideas on a conveyor belt. On the contrary, this team has been created to perform its tasks with the maximum interest so every project conceived in Mad Kitchen is unique, custom-made.

What is more, we have certain means to ensure that the creative team is attentive to every customer. Our studio’s policy provides for restrictions on new projects when the studio operates at full capacity – we take care to do the exact amount of work our creative resources can handle.


Диджитал департмент студии Мэд Китчен, как свои пять пальцев знает современное програмное оеспечение + талант = первокласный результат.


It is not an easy task to write about Digital because digital is all about sensations. Let’s formulate it the following way:

Do you remember yourself mounting the bike for the first time?

Just recall that feeling – your friend walks by your side holding the seat a little with one hand, not letting you fall on your side, and helping you ride it with the other hand.

You are so focused on spinning the pedals, doing your best not to fall and not quite understanding how one can ride this thing at all.

And suddenly you realize that you have been cycling on your own for some time and your friend is standing way behind smiling from ear to ear. Remember this?

Well, then. Friends have become grown-ups and now create all sorts of digital stuff for Mad Kitchen. We use all kinds of digital tools and we are committed to doing it carefully and expertly.

This is the way to create breath-taking projects.


Видео и фото - конёк студии Мэд Китчен


Mad Kitchen has its own production house – we are the ones who bring everything we invent into life.

We develop there and then, Mad Kitchen’s creative team generating crazy ideas and Mad Kitchen’s producers immediately coming up with timing and budgets, so this is a completely in-house process.

This enables us to get ideas off the ground without spilling their meaning on the way



Find yourself at the bottom of the ocean or become a hydrogen atom for just a second… In our work we quite extensively use all cutting-edge innovations from the world of visual technologies. They bring immersion to and interaction with the reality, and vividness of sensations to a brand-new level. Unique technical facilities from super screens to state-of-the-art robots enable us to bring fantastic functional design concepts to life, be it advertising, event design or production of films.